1. Disappear
    DJ Cyka w/ Disappointed In Myself

  2. Nethery(://ether)_MDMA Garden (Never / ever_Whatever)
    look at the sunset and cry...

  3. a1_Red_mntn

  4. third_eye
    euphoria ever / Xyrelli / ava's breath / DJ adsajnfjsefksf

  5. my painful existence

  6. ●•●• ૐ ◕ Yr_Own_Swamp ◈ ۞ ❃
    aerial wipe

  7. We're better than you
    DJ Sailor Moon / Unholy Resurrection

  8. avoid depth
    Ite em

  9. chelm_sfrd;[acid]
    Wizard Glue

  10. ...97531-[heart]_2468[heart.exe]

  11. azusa is a whore
    Igor Loktionov / DJ Sailor Moon

  12. Fuck Religion / Fuck God
    DJ Sailor Moon / Unholy Resurrection

  13. Ganja
    Amen Weed

  14. life sucks
    DJ Sailor Moon / Unholy Resurrection

  15. forest friend
    DXM Crew

  16. how many tears must be shed before we can finally die?

  17. death is beautiful
    DJ Sailor Moon / waiting to die

  18. My Disappointing Life
    My Disappointing Life

  19. seven70s
    DJ Chopped 70's

  20. listen when you're stoned
    endless marijuana / Serializer

  21. Babylon Shall Fall
    Amen Weed

  22. i want to be dead
    i want to be dead

  23. Junkle
    DJ Sailor Moon

  24. Brotherhood Of The Drill 'n' Bass
    variety prime 74 / automated reason

  25. either
    Green Rust

  26. 20 what
    Frosty Snow

  27. unhappy birthday
    i want to be dead

  28. Hatred
    amphetamine hysteria

  29. Pain
    i want to be dead

  30. life is not worth living
    DJ Sailor Moon

  31. /​/​:​untitled​.​.​.
    DJ 6x6x6

  32. 61214

  33. 区んづきゅぃ
    Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Rensia Ruroonren Nakora "Ren" The Experimental Drugs Testing Volunteer

  34. i have no reason to live
    i want to be dead

  35. your life is going to be very long and disappointing.
    life ended by suicide

  36. Hard Normal Loli
    Snare Rush 22

  37. Violet Emerald Cave
    Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Rensia Ruroonren Nakora "Ren" The Experimental Drugs Testing Volunteer

  38. link...[mask]...nearby

  39. Lime Fish
    Desktop Coconut

  40. approach thought
    Child Hood / Nekophiliac

  41. lifelong suicidal thoughts
    lifelong suicidal thoughts

  42. Jah
    Amen Weed / CDR

  43. tears
    i want to be dead

  44. Morphia
    Mush Room's

  45. Weed!!!

  46. Sakura
    DJ Kasumi

  47. On Glycodin
    DXM Krew

  48. mdma crystals
    DJ LSD / Mermaid Plate

  49. underground kitchen with green liquid fairies where every platypus think that he's a manager of travel agency.
    Curve Nail / CDR

  50. eviscerate
    dj eviscerate

  51. Xeaph
    Fish Star 28

  52. i want to end it all...
    DJ Sailor Moon

  53. Theme From Quiet Evening
    instant aware

  54. aut_[rea..]

  55. 847657256547....211345.34.6428..79780890151...658679753461..173568.7801

  56. i want to be dead.
    i want to be dead

  57. Purple Summer
    Oneon Glass  

  58. Some Shit

  59. evenあじゅんぽあ
    Chao Garden

  60. i would like to die at birth
    i want to be dead

  61. ! ~' #_- . +,^
    Neon Clam

  62. melancholy.exe
    i want to be dead

  63. I Hate Myself Most Of All
    DJ Sailor Moon

  64. knot_rush
    extent regard

  65. Untitled
    DJ Psilocybin Mushrooms

  66. Glow Rave '95

  67. you are alone in this awful world
    DJ Sailor Moon

  68. acid melt

  69. Dear Setsuko
    Dear Setsuko

  70. L3t's Cut Th3 P1x3l5 !
    Chew Eck

  71. _
    Violet Emerald / Nekophiliac

  72. evening
    Wipe Leap

  73. Pain Outside The Shell
    DJ Sailor Moon

  74. For Brain Fucked Up Noisebreaks Freaks Only
    CDR / DJ Sailor Moon

  75. Warmniell Choaxide
    Goa Lick

  76. Waterfalls Whenever

  77. Health Realm
    Mushroom Gum

  78. Stuck In The Past
    Aardkore Lizard

  79. Tape Type
    Uplifting Whirl

  80. Misty
    Crab Thick

  81. Anal Sex With Japanese Schoolgirls
    DJ Daisy Cheerleader

  82. Uplift_Relief (45329)
    tape escape

  83. 73684+add_[rain]-04626...
    DJ add rate

  84. fragile7753191
    Mole Gloom

  85. ...even i what don't know
    DJ chunk_ash

  86. ...i don't care because you don't

  87. '+(Dyslexia RhythmCore)+'
    Dyslexia + +

  88. Life Way
    I Cry When I Think Of Past

  89. Rawy
    I Cry When I Think Of Past


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